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I’m a Christian who, after many years of questioning, finally admitted to myself that I was gay in 2008.  I’ve had three blogs in my blogging career.  The first one was a family blog started in January of 2006, where I wrote about me, my husband, our children and our adventures living in Turkey.  That blog has 807 posts.  In the summer of 2008, I started writing an anonymous blog to deal with my feelings for a friend and about being gay.  I fought with myself, processed, and began to discover who I was.  I continued writing on that blog for a little over a year, with a total of 247 posts.  I started this blog in 2009 in an attempt to mesh the ideas behind the other two blogs.  I needed a home where I could tell family stories, share my struggle, and be me.  While the other 2 blogs are still out there for me to look back on, this is the one I plan to continue.  Welcome to my journey.


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  1. Through some weird twist of fate (ok, blog hopping) I found your blogsite.
    The email address might throw you off (go figure when you’re trying to keep it private so I resort to the one I created 10 years ago). But your blogs inspire me and give me a normal sense of hope. What is normal? I don’t know, but right now it’s not having butterflies of anxiety in my stomach.
    Thank you

  2. controllingaspicyuniverse

    Oh!!! I noticed you on Bossy today and realized you used to leave the nicest, most supportively wonderful comments on my old blog ( before it went mostly internal…I love how this strange world of blogging comes full circle and truth and beauty and honesty just pours out. Bless you soooooooo much and can’t wait to read!


  3. natalie, i found your profile on another website and was really surprised to find out about the whole christian/gay thing – since i went through the same thing (of course circunstances were different). i hope you’re doing well and that you have peace.

  4. Natalie, have you considered listing yourself on VillageQ. It is not just for mommy blogs. I woud love to see you in the directory. Add yourself here:


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