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I am a learner.  I am teachable.  I will take what people say to me and see if I need to respond to it.  I received a comment that made me think.  This is my response.


The book


These posts are password protected so you will have to email me to get the password.

How I got here – Part 1

How I got here – Part 2

How I got here – Part 3

How I got here – Part 4

I do have more.  I hesitate to share them here.  They are private thoughts and feelings written when I was smack dab in the middle of my first relationship and its aftermath.  Knowing I was gay and trying to be happy being straight.  If you are interested in reading them, email me and we’ll see what we can work out.

I know that so many people won’t agree with what I’ve been through.  They won’t see it as real because I had boyfriends and was married for so long before choosing to come out.  And for some there is no way to reconcile faith and sexuality.  After much prayer and study, I’m thankful I could.



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  1. So awesome to have found your blog! I have been through similar life experiences and although I don’t think it is unusual, I have had a hard time finding someone to connect to that has been through something similar… so thanks!!

    • Heather,
      I am not sure how I missed this comment from you! I get all comments emailed to me so I guess I just overlooked it somehow. That’s crazy considering I rarely get comments and am always so excited when I do! I looked back at my email and saw that you commented on a post as well! I vaguely remember that, but it was the beginning of summer for this kindergarten teacher, so I’m sure emails and text messages were ignored! I’m so glad you found a connection! I hate that it took me 3 months to respond!


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