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I’ve been blogging for quite a few years.  Like most people I’ve migrated and moved a few times trying to find my place.  Here’s where I’ve been.

In February of 2006, I started blogging at Tell Me About It.  I continued to write there until July of 2010.  That site is still up so feel free to look around.  I still receive any comments left there through email, so comment away if you so desire.

In July 2008, I started a secret blog to deal with the crisis of faith and being gay issues I was having.  I didn’t share it with many people because it was a sort of therapy for me.  I don’t write there anymore and the site is locked to outside readers.

And finally, I started this blog in June of 2009, when I was just about ready to come out to the world.  There have been prolific writing times and many weeks of writer’s block here, but this is my space.  Where I share what I feel.

For some time I was trying to keep up with all three blogs, which is why the dates overlap some.  Tell Me About It was for my family, Christian friends and co-workers, and those more conservative folks.  The secret blog, because I had stuff that I needed to say that didn’t need to be read by the masses.  And MidlifeNatalie, for the evolving me to be me.  I am so not a multi-tasker so it totally sucked, and I felt like I failed miserably at that juggling act.  Also, my family, friends, co-workers weren’t interested in much from me after I came out, so I felt like it was time to move on from my first blog.  After a while, the secret blog wasn’t necessary anymore so I locked it down and only visit on occasion when I am trying to remember something I wrote.

And now I am only here.  Welcome!


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  1. I saw your picture on Bossy’s site and thought, “I know her!”

    I don’t know how I lost track of your blog and I can NOT remember the name of it. I went through some old posts to see if they could jog my memory, but they didn’t. It’s going to drive me crazy!

    Anyway, glad to have found you again.

    • Well, things happened and I was a horrible blog commenter and blog writer. I think quite a few people stopped reading me due to the lack of activity. I’m back…mostly!

  2. Natalie!!!

    Been away from blogging but saw you on Bossy’s page!!!
    I really to need catch up on my blogs!!!!!!!

    How the heck are you?



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