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I am currently without internet at home. I am downloading my email at work, but I haven’t had time to actually answer most of them. I promise I’m not ignoring you guys! And there is no time for blogging during my quick time online either. Oh…and the vonage phone isn’t working since the internet isn’t working. I am able to check my messages though. Sorry for the craziness!


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  1. Oh I think i would die w/out internet…guess i qualify as a junkie now

  2. It's hard to be without the internet since we use it so much BUT I noticed when we didn't have it last week (8 days actually) I sure got a heck of a lot done without it! But now that we have it again…well, I'm back to not doing much else.

  3. I go nuts when I'm without internet for just a couple hours! Wow. I have a problem.Glad to know you're alive though.

  4. just check in sometime soon, dearey…


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