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Gosh darn it I want to blog. I don’t feel like there is time enough to do all that I need to do as it is. Blogging has definitely taken a back seat these past couple of months. I hate that. This weekend I had time to blog. I just didn’t have the strength. I had a lingering cough from my last illness that developed into a cold on Thursday. By Saturday night I had a full-fledged sinus infection. Everything from my teeth up hurt like hell. I don’t know that I had ever had one that bad before. I slept/suffered all day on Sunday. I called work on Sunday night and told them that I couldn’t come in on Monday…that I had to go to the doctor. I hated to miss a day of work, because if I miss work I don’t get paid. I knew there was no way I could make it at work though. By the time my appointment rolled around at 3 in the afternoon I thought I was dying. A shot and three prescriptions later I headed home to do more sleeping. When I woke up on Tuesday I felt like a new person. Still coughing and still stopped up some, but the pain was gone. I went to work. I came home. I figured after a mostly full day of work I would be exhausted. Oh no. I was wide awake. I guess sleeping for 2 straight days does that to a person. So this morning after about 4 hours of sleep I went back to work. I came home and spent about 3 hours with my Fleur de lis. I won’t be able to see her for the next few days because our schedules are both so crazy. I hate that. (We plan to do some Christmas celebrating next week.  You know…New Year’s style!)  After she left I braved the traffic and the stores to finish up my Christmas shopping. I came home. And my head tells me I should be tired, but I’m not. At this point I will get 6 hours of sleep before I once again have to be up for work. Yep…working on Christmas Eve. I’m beginning to think a teaching job is in my future. I might as well use that degree I earned. At least I’ll have a few paid sick days AND a break at Christmas.

Yeah…a boring blog post. Did you miss me?

Here…let me make it up to you. This should make you smile!

I totally need to have another baby so I can buy one of these. I giggle every time I see this picture.


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  1. I should be wrapping presents, but saw you in my feed, so I had to stop by. Merry Christmas!


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