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Dirt, dishes, and piles of crap

Today I am at the house.  The house I moved out of in October.  One of the kids is sick, and I decided to stay here with him today.  

Can I just say that this place is disgusting!  Seriously.  I honestly don’t see how they can stand it.  I know Ross works all day and the kids have school, but still…it’s not that hard to do some of the stuff that isn’t getting done.  I practically filled up a tall kitchen garbage bag with junk mail and empty food boxes from the pantry.  How hard is it to throw away the poptart box when you get the last package of poptarts out of it?  There were cups and glasses scattered around the house as well.  Sticky spills on the counter and table, throw pillows thrown on the floor, dirty socks in almost every room, bathrooms that don’t look like they’ve been cleaned in ages, and more.  

Most days I go to the house in the morning to see the kids before work and school.  I usually take my youngest to daycare on my way to work.  After work I go back to the house.  I spend time with the kids, fix dinner, run any errands they might need, and then go to my apartment in the evening.  Many times a kid or two come with me to spend the night.  I’m still not making them come over or stay at my house.  I have room for everyone to sleep there now, and they have all stayed the night quite a bit.  I don’t want to force them to sleep in beds that really aren’t theirs yet.  The apartment doesn’t feel like home to them, and for now I am ok with that.  I knew that the transition would be hard so me spending time with them in the house is my way of still being home with them in the afternoons.  

On Monday I didn’t do much in the way of picking up when I was at the house.  I made dinner, watched tv with the kids, and just hung out.  I decided to leave a little earlier than usual because I wanted to get some laundry done.  I didn’t even go upstairs until I was just about ready to head back to my apartment.  You should have seen the pile of clean laundry on the floor in the loft!  It was overwhelming!  I decided that I would do laundry at the house the next day.  On Tuesday the kids and I spent quite a bit of time folding the clean clothes.  I also sorted the dirty clothes and managed to get 2 loads washed before I headed home.  On Wednesday I washed the last of the laundry.  When it was time for me to go there was a load in the drier and one in the washer.  I reminded them to finish it up for me when they got home.  Thursday I ended up going out after work so I never made it to the house.  Two of the kids were going to my sister’s for the afternoon/evening so I figured it was a good day to be out.  This morning I get to the house and find one of those loads on the floor in the loft and the other still in the dryer.  At least they were both dry.  I don’t even think that would have gotten done if there hadn’t been puke clothes that needed washing last night.  

Sometimes I pick up and clean when I am at the house and sometimes I don’t.  The kids all have chores that they are responsible for every day.  The boys are good about doing theirs most days, but the girls have to be reminded.  Part of me feels guilty that I’m not making sure that things are clean and neat all the time.  I just get aggravated that things don’t stay neat after I pick them up.  I understand that there will always be dirty laundry, and dirty dishes, and spills to wipe up.  Bathrooms will need cleaning again, trash will have to be gathered and taken out, and dust will accumulate in places I just dusted.  That type of cleaning is ok.  I don’t mind doing it most of the time.  I also understand that from time to time there will be clutter to deal with.  I don’t have a problem with that.  It’s the consistent disregard for the clutter and dirt that drives me crazy.  It’s the lack of care that everyone else seems to have about the condition of this house.  

And before I go I must admit something.  Before I left I got lazy when it came to picking things up.  So much else was overwhelming that chores definitely took a back seat.  But even in my laziness I never let the house get this gross.  Never.

Confession…I wrote this post over most of the morning.  I had a hard time concentrating on what I was saying.  Why you ask…well I kept getting up and cleaning stuff.  The sad part is you can barely tell I’ve done anything.  Sigh.


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