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increased heart rate!

I got the job!!!!  I am beyond excited about that!  I could barely breathe after I got off the phone with the principal.  She said she called all my references and got glowing reports about me.  YEA!!!!  I LOVE glowing reports!  She wants me to start on Monday.  She was going to call the HR department and see if they could process me that quickly.  I’ll either get a call from them or from her this afternoon to let me know for sure.  Either way though…I got a job!  I start next week.  Yippy, skippy, doo!!!!!


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  1. Congratulations, N. Best of luck.

  2. I already congratulated you on twitter, but this kind of news calls for multiple celebrations!

    I am so, so happy for you Natalie!

  3. Fantastic, Natalie! I’m thrilled for you – a much better door just opened!

  4. Congrats!! You’ll love teaching, trust me I know, I’ve been teaching for four years! Be sure to visit my blog: My new post “The Conference” will show you how sometimes, though (very rarely) teaching can be a pain…
    PS-I put my new email adress this time. I realized my old one was confusing too many people cause it wasn’t my name, so I made a new one.


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