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I think I am about to stress out.

This week at school is going to be hell.  I will have my kids from the time they walk in the door until the last bus comes to pick them up.  No break at all.  Thankfully we will still be allowed to go outside so we might have to have extra recess time for my sanity.

I think I might have a bowel blockage.  Normally I don’t pay much attention to my bowels, but I’ve been having a strange symptom for the past several days.  Around my belly button I feel movement and at times I can even see it.  It doesn’t feel like gas pains at all.  In fact it feels like I felt when I was pregnant and the baby would move.  There is no way I can be pregnant so I finally started looking online for what it could possibly be.  Turns out I have several symptoms for a bowel blockage.  I need to go to the doctor and have an ultrasound, but I have no time to do that.  I read about the treatment and it includes putting a tube through your nose into your stomach to try to fix it or surgery to remove it.  I don’t have time to do either one of those.  Not until summer.  I’m not sure if this is something I can put off until summer though.

Fleur de lis has a few big things coming up as well that have my mind in a state of flux.

And last, but most importantly I am at the beginning of a 6 week waiting period.  I can’t tell you what I’m waiting for, but it is going to be difficult.  And long.  And with all the other stuff going on it’s going to feel much longer than that I’m afraid.

I wish it was June.


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  1. 1) As a fellow teacher, I can sympathize. there’s nothing worse than those long days with no preps, and duty at lunch hour.
    2) Bowel blockages can be fatal, and can’t wait weeks to be looked at (GO TO THE DOCTOR!)
    3) I hope that time flies by quickly for you in regards to the thing that you’re waiting for.

  2. lady, go to the doctor for the bowel thing. that can be BAD. don’t delay.

    sending you lots of positive energy and thoughts.


  3. u sure ur not pregnant? my mom was sure she wasn’t pregnant but i ended up getting a baby sister!

    ps- my mom is me 🙂 in my blog i’m a kid so yeah… i ended up getting a daughter when i least expected it

  4. midlifenatalie

    nope, no way i can be pregnant. i’ve had my tubes tied, a uterine ablation, and i haven’t done what it takes to get pregnant in longer than it takes a baby to cook!



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