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DVDs and ABCs

Yesterday I had all kinds of reasons to be on the internet.  There were things I needed to look up, questions that needed answers, and social media sites that needed to be checked.  I had reasons to be on the internet, but I couldn’t actually BE on the internet.  My youngest had a friend spend the night, and they wanted to watch a movie.  We have a DVD player and a Playstation 2 that will both play DVDs.  DVDs from Region 1.  Like the USA and Canada.  The problem was that she wanted to watch a DVD from Region 2 which includes Europe, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, Japan, South Africa and a few others.  Because we lived in Turkey we have several DVDs with that region code.  I set my computer’s DVD player to Region 2 so that we could bring back some of those DVDs to watch in the states.  Last night the movie pick was Grease.  In fact Grease had been on the radar for about a week.  There was much talk about how they were going to stay up late and watch it on Friday night.  So Friday night rolls around, and I think I’m ok giving up my computer.  I mean I had a week to prepare myself so all is well.  I had a million papers to grade, and I actually turned my TV on, a big SHOCKER if you know me.  As I watched Dateline I wondered about an event they mentioned so I decided to look it up online.  Oh…right…the girls have my computer.  Then a commercial came on that reminded me that I had been meaning to look up something concerning a driver’s license.  Wait…can’t do that either.  Then I wanted to tweet about how my kid had taken over my computer and about how handicapped I felt, and I couldn’t even do that!  I learned an important lesson last night.  It wasn’t that I’m addicted to the internet.   It’s that I need to buy an iphone so I can make sure I have an immediate connection when the need to give up my computer arises again.

Then I woke up this morning and thought about how when we lived in Turkey our DVD player played all regions because the store “fixed” it for us.  So I looked up a way to bypass the region codes for my DVD player and within a minute had it fixed.  Why didn’t I think of that last night!?!  And no I don’t consider it illegal because I bought all the movies I plan on watching at a reputable store in Turkey.  None of my movies are street copies so there.

And now I’m off to “fix” the DVD player at the house so any movie can be enjoyed there as well.

I still might want an iphone.


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  1. You would love an Iphone! I don’t even worry about my computer not being close anymore. I always have my Iphone and look everything up, whenever I want. It is so intuitive. You won’t regret it.


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