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So I’ve wanted to blog, but now that I actually have the time I can’t remember what it was that I felt the need to say.

I remember taking this picture of some yummy cupcakes with the idea that I would blog about them.  Um…we bought some cupcakes at a store that only sold cupcakes and then we ate them.  Yeah…not nearly as exciting as the post that was in my head 2 weeks ago.

Then there was this picture.  I took bread dough out of the freezer and put it in a ziplock bag to thaw.  I meant to put it in the refrigerator so it would thaw slowly.  I had the sudden realization while I was at school that it was still sitting on my kitchen counter.  I came home to this.  Again…not exactly what I meant to say at the time this occurred.

I went to Waco with Fleur de lis and took the following picture.  It was taken at the Dr. Pepper Museum.  There wasn’t much to the place, but what we saw was interesting.

I learned a couple of things too.  Diet Coke isn’t made from the same recipe as regular Coke.  One would think they only changed the sweetener, but no…they are two completely different formulas.  Evidently Diet Coke was more cost efficient so they tried to use it’s formula with only a change in the sweetener to make regular Coke back in 1985.  Yep…New Coke was the same formula as Diet Coke.  That didn’t go over well!

This past week I took my boys to the doctor.  One needed shots and the other needed a physical for the athletic program at school.  The younger boy and I both just about died when we watched our lady doctor give the older boy the old cough test.  I almost died because I had heard guys joke about this test for years, but of course I had never seen it done.  My son was wearing basketball shorts so she didn’t have to pull them down or anything.  She just reached her gloved hand in there before we knew what was happening.  My younger son almost died because all he could think was that he was next!

There are only 6 1/2 more school days with kids and 9 more days until I am done for the summer.  The kids are getting restless which makes their behavior worse.  I have kids who rarely get in trouble acting up.  I had a migraine every day for a week and a half.  Last week I was surprisingly migraine free, but today I woke up with one.  It’s Sunday.  Not the best way to start the week.  Hopefully this isn’t indicative of the week to come.

On Thursday I went to pick my daughter up for school and noticed my 14 year old boy eating Cheetos.  Normally I wouldn’t be bothered by this, but it was 6:45am.  A bag of Cheetos was his breakfast.  He had a couple of other choices, but nothing really sounded good.  I said a few things to him about health and eating and how a good breakfast was important and blah, blah, blah.  Then after I dropped my daughter off at school I ate Crunch-n-Munch in my car.  For breakfast.  I am AWESOME!

See what you miss when I don’t blog.


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