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The other day my apartment maintenance people came to fix the squeak in my dryer.  It was getting on my nerves and starting to be a fire concern.  Anytime I took clothes out of the dryer the side of the drum hit the back of the dryer, and it would spark.  I couldn’t help but wonder if it was sparking every time it rubbed during the drying cycle.  So I called to report it.  About a week later a note was left on my door saying that the dryer had been repaired.  Upon closer inspection I saw that the person who took my maintenance request stated on the work order that the dryer wasn’t drying.  I never said that.  Maintenance supposedly replaced the heating element and fixed the dryer hose, neither of which seemed to be a problem in my opinion.  Now the dryer is quiet, but it isn’t drying the clothes.  Ugh!  I’ve called back to report the new problem, but I’m not sure when they’ll be here to fix it.  In the meantime I’ve purchased a drying rack for my clothes.  I had been thinking about getting one anyway so it wasn’t a huge deal to me.

This is what I went looking for.

drying rack


This was our drying rack in Turkey.  Most people there don’t have a dryer so these are everywhere.  Evidently that’s not the case in America.  Now I only shopped at Walmart, but they usually have a little of everything it seems.  I could only find 2 versions of something similar to this.indoor-clothes-drying-rackSource

I purchased the large one for $20 and set it up in my living room.  It is definitely smaller and saves space, but the clothes are all hanging on top of each other.  It doesn’t seem to be the best option for hanging a dryer full of clothes.  I looked online to see if I could find a store that sold anything similar to what I used in Turkey.


Apparently you can buy one of these from Wayfair online.  It looks very much like what I had in Turkey, but the problem…they are over $70!  I can’t remember how much they cost in Turkey, but I can guarantee it wasn’t anywhere close to that price!  I would venture to say they are less than half that price over there.  No way am I willing to fork over that much for a drying rack.

I thought I would check out Ikea since they are a foreign company!


They had a similar version to the Turkey one.  It was a few inches smaller overall and doesn’t appear to be quite as sturdy from the pictures, but it definitely has a better price.  $19.99.

I guess I’ll just stick with what I got.  I don’t plan to have to use the drying rack to dry all the clothes all the time.  I just thought it was interesting how different things are here.

As silly as a story about a drying rack seems it makes me realize that somedays I still miss that place that I called home for 7 years.  I guess I always will.  It defined me in a way that can’t be ignored.


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  1. I had the same problem. We dry outside in summer, but wanted an indoor rack like we LEFT with friends in Asia. We finally found one that was fairly cheap and large in one of those silly catalogs we get & read for fun, just looking at the amusing stuff they have. Not sure which one. Just buy something or request a catalog from one & you’ll start getting loads. Fun to look through on a dull evening, if you ever GET a dull evening:-)

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