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I am a lover of words.  I love the allure of writing down my thoughts, and putting them out there for the world to see.  Lately my thoughts have been tired.  Tired, old, worn out and weary thoughts.  Nothing worth writing about so I haven’t been.  An occasional burst of energy causes me to put fingers to keyboard, but most everything that trickles out is blah.

I remember when I posted daily.  Sometimes I posted twice a day.  2006 was the beginning of my blogging career.  2007 was a good blog year.  2008 phenomenal.  2009 started the downward spiral, and here we are in 2010 and this is only my 80th blog post for the year.

I can look back at the months of posts over the past 5 years and remember events that were blog worthy or soul piercing.  I see how the words flowed…sometimes 40 posts in a month.  I needed to write.  Some of it was just fluff.  Just filler.  But much of it was meaningful to me.  Even the silly taste tests were events.

Of course there was time to blog.  Time is essential to a writer.  Even one whose sole work is a personal blog.  Time is what I don’t seem to have much of.  And when I do have time…I am tired.

But I want to write.  I need to.  And so here I sit.  Eyes drooping.  The weight of my little world on my shoulders.  Staring at white spaces and willing my fingers to fill them.


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  1. Go Natalie go! It ‘s certainly not easy to find the topics, time, and the energy to put a post together. Hang in there – your love of writing will keep you going!


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