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Sweet, Sweet Sleep

Three times this weekend (and I use the term weekend loosely) I’ve opened my blog to write something, but that something never showed up.  I tried to come up with a story or an incident or even an anecdote to share with you, but I got nothing.  Nope not a thing.  Of course my brain is tired from weekend conferences on gifted and talented students.  The conferences have been very interesting and enlightening; however, conferences three Saturdays in a row makes for extra long work weeks and an extra exhausted Natalie.  Today I slept later than normal, but not late.  I sat around some but not nearly enough.  I repotted a plant, did some laundry, did some cooking, did some shopping, and watched some TV.  I napped for minutes, but felt like I could have slept for days.  It’s 10pm, and I have exactly 7 hours until I have to be up and start another 6 day work week.  Night.


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  1. I tried to write as well, but failed. Soooooo…..can I copy this for my blog? Just a few detail changes, like my life here is just a tad slower than full stop & you’re always doing something! Power naps at lunch??

  2. Sorry that you are beat. Perhaps you can do a post just of your daily domestic life. And show a picture of you cooking and doing laundry and such like that. I hate the feeling of sitting down and thinking “Now what am I going to write?”.
    Get some rest!
    Your Friend, m.


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