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They say life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.  I can agree with that somewhat.  My issue is I don’t have time to make other plans.  Life is too busy.  But really…it’s not.  I did absolutely nothing last weekend.  The kids all had weekend plans that left me completely kid free.  And what did I do?  Sleep.  Watch tv.  Rest.  I honestly don’t think I did anything.  On Sunday evening Fleur de lis and I went out to eat, but other than that…nothing.  So why didn’t I blog I wonder.  Maybe because my days are all the same.  Endless redirecting, disciplining, and teaching kindergartners.  And then when I do have a break I am so tired that all I do is sit around.  An overview of the last few weeks…

  • went to school
  • took 2 kids to the doctor
  • went out to eat a couple of times
  • watched tv
  • slept
  • drank one margarita
  • did laundry
  • looked at my dusty house
  • cooked a pot of chicken and dumplings
  • drank way too many diet cokes

And that’s pretty much it.

The only funny/interesting thing that happened in the last few weeks happened when I ordered my margarita.  I was asked for ID.  I guess the lack of make-up and the baseball cap I was wearing made this 41 year old look 20 years younger.  HA.

So that’s basically it.  My life is way too humdrum to blog about it seems.  I have all kinds of blog post ideas that aren’t about my daily life, but the mental where with all isn’t there to type them up.  I’m too tired.

Maybe later this weekend I’ll have more to say.


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  1. Love your dusty house list item. And wHoa, as a fellow 41 year old, I have to say I’d be shouting it from the rooftops if I got carded. I think you’re my new hero *g*

  2. WOW! Only 41!! I almost remember that long ago time. Sometimes just staying still is what is really needed. Sometimes our bodies & minds listen to the higher powers that be and force us to act accordingly, even though we see it as a ‘nothing’ time, what it really is is a curative respite.
    Have you thought more about a career change? Talking to an old friend last week who left teaching to become director of the ‘children’s learning center’ in the city library system where she lives. She conducts and organizes learning events for kids 5-18 in the main & branch libraries. Seems that most of it is voluntary participation so the kids are mostly interested. She took a salary cut, but says it beats the Hell outta teaching Elementary School.

    • I am still thinking about a career change. Still have no clue what I want to/can do/will do though. Somedays I think stocking grocery shelves in the middle of the night seems like a good idea. Anything where I don’t have to talk to kids. I know…a terrible thing for a teacher to say. But I get so tired of it all.


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