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So it’s been over two weeks since I blogged.  Not a big surprise considering school started, but I did hope to blog more often this school year.  Maybe that will still happen.

School hasn’t been as exhausting as in the past.  I think that has more to do with the fact that I’m teaching 5th graders rather than Kindergartners.  5th grade is so much easier.  I feel like I’m actually getting to teach something rather than just babysit and discipline all day.

My teaching partner is new to the school.  He taught high school ag several years ago before going into finance.  He decided to return to his first love and took a job teaching math and science to 5th graders.  He feels like he is babysitting and disciplining children all day.  I guess it’s perspective.  For me the kids seem so much more mature and able to do things than what I was used to, and for him they are so much younger and less able than the students in his past.

While I haven’t been exhausted like before I have been busy.  So busy.  There seems to be a lot of stuff to do, but I don’t leave feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus on a daily basis.  That’s nice.

Maybe there will be more blog time now that I’m finally getting the hang of this whole teaching big kids thing.  Maybe.


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