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I can’t wait for school to be out for the summer.  I am seriously tired!  I know….I’m always tired, but this is different.  This is crazy!  First of all the kids are insane.  They know that school is almost out and they are done with all the major testing so nothing really counts anymore.  This is the only year that it will be this way.  The state has adopted new standardized tests and this year was a trial run.  The scores don’t really count.  We won’t know if the kids passed or failed these tests until the fall.  Next year the kids will take the tests in March, receive the scores by mid-April, and, if necessary, retest in May.  This year they tested in March and April.  And so they were finished.  Everyday I hear sighs and complaints when I give them their assignments.  I’ve tried to be creative and give them fun stuff, interesting stuff, different stuff, but they are done and don’t seem to care about much.  Because they are done, they are getting in trouble a lot.  Constant talking, playing, goofing off.  We’ve had some incidents of bullying, and today one student wrote a sexual comment complete with picture about my teaching partner in the boys bathroom.  Next week is our 5th grade graduation, UIL competition, and Field Day.  The week will basically be one crazy, long week of crowd control.  Now it’s my turn to sigh and complain.  Only 8 1/2 more days.  Sigh.


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