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TV and me

I’m not a big TV watcher.  I like to sit down on occasion and watch a show, but most of the time I’d rather be on the computer or reading during my down time.  In my apartment I had basic cable with no DVR.  It was more than enough for me.

Sweet Tea likes to watch TV during her downtime.  She has a few shows that she enjoys watching each week as well as a couple of channels that consistently have shows that interest her.

When we bought our house we got ATT uverse with a Showtime plus package.  We are able to DVR stuff as well as pause and rewind shows in progress.  Since moving in I have watched a lot of TV.  So much of what is on TV now is reality based programing.  Swamp People, Holmes on Homes, American Colony, Animal Cops, Gator Boys, and many others are seen in our house on a semi-regular basis.  I’ll watch them if they’re on, but I’m not all that interested.

Sweet Tea loves Dexter, Weeds, Eureka, Bones, Fringe, and House.  Sometimes I’ll sit down while she’s watching one of her shows and watch it with her, but more often than not I’ll sit in the same room but be surfing the internet.

Through the magic of Netflix she’s introduced me to a show called Dead Like Me.  I’ve only seen the pilot episode, but it was quite good.  We’ve got that one in our queue to watch together.  Another show I’m enjoying watching is Rizzoli and Isles.  Sweet Tea read the books and says that the show is nothing like the books, but as long as she doesn’t compare them it’s pretty good.

So I’ll add Dead Like Me and Rizzoli and Isles to my very short list.  The list that so far only contains CSI and any true crime related shows.  Which I guess could be a long list, but since I don’t watch any of them on a regular basis I consider it short.

I do have to admit that I can barely operate the DVR or On Demand part of the whole system.  I usually give up before I figure it out.  So either Sweet Tea needs to be here so she can set the TV up for me or I’ll just surf the net.  Works for me!


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