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Crap post

This is a crap post.  One of those things that isn’t really about anything, but I’m taking the time to write it anyway.  I can’t call it a post about nothing, because you will read it and know something, but honestly…it’s not anything important.

Today makes day 7 of my diet.  And while I don’t count my weigh-in until tomorrow morning I will venture to say that I will have lost as many pounds.  7 pounds in 7 days.  My doctor said I would lose between 4 and 8 pounds the first week.  I haven’t cheated at all which is a major accomplishment considering we’ve had all kinds of snackie foods in this house.

In other news, we are going camping tomorrow.  Yay!  We are headed to the Guadalupe River where we will soak and float a couple of days away.  Yes, it’s hot.  Yes, the tent will probably be a little on the warm side at night, but I’m thinking the turbo fan and the turbo fun we’ll be having will make up for it.

I start back to school on August 17th.  I have a week of meetings and prep work before the kids come back.  I’m not looking forward to being away from home every day, but I am ready for routine again.


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  1. Well, Bing started back last week too and kids come on Monday. She is less than thrilled, feels as if the summer went by too quickly…but then…don’t they all?

    • They do! I am already so tired, and it’s only been a few days…days without kids even. The tired is probably my fault because I’ve been staying up way past my school year bedtime this summer, and I’m trying to reprogram my body to normal hours now which means I go to bed early, have trouble falling asleep, and then have to get up 5 hours later to start my day!


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