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Tyfanny from Come What May tagged me in a post way back at the beginning of August and because I’ve been a completely lazy blogger/blog reader lately I’ve just noticed it.  She awarded me the Liebster award which sounds very similar to the Biebster award which makes me question the origins of this award.  I scoured the internet (spent about 2 minutes looking) and discovered it’s German for dearest and is supposed to be awarded to bloggers with less than 200 readers.  Shoot…I have no idea how many readers I have, but judging from the comments, I would say the number falls at just under 5.  That being said, I qualify, so here goes the meme!  I think I’m also supposed to grab the award picture and post it here, but please refer to the lazy blogger line above.

I’m supposed to answer some questions about myself and then tag others to do the same.  Here goes…

What food does your family eat often; either because it’s a go-to, easy food, or because it’s a favorite?

Food around here is complicated these days!  My oldest and I are doing protein shakes and while they taste good the thought of chugging them some days gets the gag reflex going.  As far as other food goes, nobody has the same favorite so we tend to mix it up a lot.  For my crew Chicken Spaghetti is a favorite, but Sweet Tea and her daughter only tolerate it.  They love meatloaf which my kids like ok, but it’s not my favorite. We’ve eaten fish tacos and pork tacos quite a bit this summer…maybe that’s the best answer.  Something we buy and buy and buy because they are always eaten are those Totino’s frozen pizzas that cost $1.25.  The kids eat them for lunch/snack/breakfast/whenever.  We still need to get back into the swing of “regular” meals, evenings, habits now that school has started back up.

2. When your bed is “made”, how many pillows are on it? And then, how many do you actually sleep with? If there is a difference, please explain why.
When the bed is made, which only happens if I’m the last to leave, there are 4 pillows on it.  When we sleep there are four pillows as well, but only 3 are used.  I use one for my head and the other one leans up against the wall above my head.  Sweet Tea uses one to hug (I get too hot…premenopausal!) and one for her head.
3. How far away do you currently live from where you grew up?
Well, I moved a lot as a kid, but we always ended up coming back to the Houston area so I consider it home.  We currently live in the Houston area not too far from the 3 houses I lived in over the years as a kid.  As an adult I’ve lived in 3 more Houston area homes as well as the one I’m in now.  That’s a total of 7 houses in the area.  Yep, Houston is home.
4. Should I get an iPhone 5, or hold out for the 5s? (I currently have a 3gs)
I have no idea.  I have a 4, I think.  I’m not phone savvy so my opinions on the matter should never count!
5. What television show (that is currently on the air) do you really really love?
Well…when I was tagged back in August my answer would have been Whodunnit, but that show has now ended.  I don’t watch enough of any one show to say it’s my favorite at this point.  NCIS and Criminal Minds reruns are pretty much what’s on my TV lately.
6. Are you excited for the start of football season? Why or why not?
I have no thoughts whatsoever about this.  Football, schmootball.
7. What was the last book you read, and did you enjoy it?
I just finished Suburban Underbelly by Michele Theron.  It was pretty good.  I will be writing a review of it on my blog for my next blog post.
8. What was the last movie you saw (doesn’t have to be at the theater, maybe you caught it on Netflix), and what did you think of it?
Um…I honestly can’t remember the last movie I actually watched all the way through.  Probably Nottinghill on some TV station.  It’s one of my favorites so I stop almost every time I see it on TV.  I also love Fried Green Tomatoes.
9. Tell me about your favorite pet, from any time in your life.
Right now I have a Bichon Frise puppy named Tator Tot.  (She looks more like a maltese, and I’m questioning the authenticity of her heritage in my mind.  I honestly don’t care, because I just wanted a white, fluffy puppy…the owners said Bichon so that’s what I say.  She wasn’t registered and I have no paperwork so really she could be a mutt.  She sure is cute though!)  What’s not cute is the fact that she isn’t potty trained yet and now that school has started I don’t have as much time to work on it.  Sigh.
10. What kind of music can you listen to, no matter what mood you’re in?
I love rocker chicks.  Melissa Etheridge, P!NK, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Knapp, etc.  I usually just put my music on shuffle and listen to whatever comes up.  I end up hearing a little of everything that way.  Sometimes I skip the geography songs I bought for my 5th grade class.  I can sing the Middle East Song, the Continents and Oceans song, and the Solar System songs by memory though!
11. Do you already have a wish list started for Christmas? What would you like to see under the tree this year?
First we need to work on getting a tree.  I grew up with real trees, started having fake trees when I moved overseas, and just threw out the last fake tree after Christmas last year.  We haven’t decided if we want to get another fake one or go for a real one this year.  I’m kinda wanting to get a real flocked tree just for something different this year.  My parents had one  several years ago and it was beautiful!  I don’t think I want to do a fake flocked tree and be committed to a flocked tree every year though.  We’ll see.
And now I’m supposed to tag some other bloggers and come up with some questions, but I am way too lazy for all that.  If you want to answer these same questions…because they’ve already been thought up, please feel free to do so.  I would love to read your answers so comment here to let me know you’re answering them!  I’ll come give them a readsie.

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  1. I am one of your readers!

  2. I don’t think you can judge your readership by the number of comments. Some of us just suck at commenting. 🙂 I love Fried Green Tomatoes, It reminds me of my mom’s side of the family who were from Alabama. I’ll play along but I don’t think my answers will be as interesting as yours.


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