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Grandma T-shirts

On Monday, Sweet Tea will be 41.  That’s right, she’s one of the over 40 crowd.  For her birthday her daughter got her a cute grandma t-shirt.  Yep, she’s a grandma to a sweet little boy.  The thing is she is not the type to wear a cute grandma t-shirt.  A shirt with a picture of him wearing war paint, sticking his tongue out, with spiked multicolored hair….yes.  A cute grandma shirt….no.  Let’s find some examples…


Nope…not her.


I can’t picture her wearing this one, either.


Not even this one works.

Here’s my take on cool grandma shirts.

children-wear-fashion-skull-cool-shirts-childA shirt with this kid’s mug on it would be awesome…you know…if he were her grandson and all.

mohawkOr this…perfect!

bigstockphotoStickingOutTongue27088Now this would be fantastic on a grandma shirt.

And for the record…I wouldn’t wear one of the cute grandma shirts either.  They are sweet, but I can’t imagine me wearing one of them.  I can’t picture my mom or my grandmothers ever wearing one either!  Just not our style I guess.

So to my children and future grandchildren…take note.  (Of course they don’t read this blog, nor do I want them to so one of you people needs to make sure they know my thoughts on grandma shirts.  Thank you.)  For Sweet Tea, sadly, it’s too late!

(Clicking on the pictures will bring you to the website where they were found.  Thanks!)


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