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My computer’s battery died so I’m using my iPad mini to write this post. I am not fond of writing anything on an iPhone or iPad. I need a traditional keyboard because I am incapable of using a touch screen. In fact this is my second attempt at writing a post on the iPad mini. I started one a few months back, got about two lines in, and realized that I had a couple of words running together. I tried to go back and correct it, but only managed to freeze the screen. I still have no idea how that happened. I finally just quit and that partial post still sits in my drafts.

During the typing of that last paragraph I had to go back several times to fix mistakes. It took longer than it would have with a regular keyboard. I think my problem is I type too fast. I took typing in high school back in 1984 and was pretty good at it. It’s finger thumb business is much harder and more frustrating that regular typing. I do appreciate the backspace key though!  Much better than making corrections on a regular ol’ typewriter!

Good grief…much better!  I just got the computer cord from the bedroom so that I could plug in the computer to blog.  This is much easier for sure!  Now for what I originally planned to blog about…

Listening.  Just being still and listening to what God is saying.  I have been wishy washy the past several weeks over an issue that I still don’t want to discuss.  I keep going back and forth over and over which has caused much distress in our household.  Today I had some alone time and was able to just sit and listen.  Actually I didn’t just sit.  I knew that sitting would mean surfing the net and distracting myself so I cleaned instead.  I cleaned the kitchen and prayed, cleaned the back patio and prayed, vacuumed the downstairs and prayed.  I  know how God works with me.  He nags me until I listen and do what I’m supposed to do.  He’s been nagging me for some time, but I didn’t recognize it until He hit me over the head with it.  Even when that happened I didn’t understand it immediately.  I’ve tried to reconcile the unsettled feeling myself for the past few weeks.  Today I let Him help.  I worked, prayed, and listened.  That was the most important part.  The listening.  And I came to a conclusion concerning the issue.  Amazed at what happens when you listen.    Amazed at how certain one can be after listening.  Amazed how much better I feel.


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