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Reporting on Christmas

Now that the official festivities have passed, and since I’ve gotten several twitter messages and emails asking, I thought I’d let you know how things went with my family.

Fine.  Seriously…it was no big deal.  My sister and her family pulled up at my parents just seconds after we did.  I was reintroduced to her 4 that she adopted just over a year ago.  I met them once back in 2009 or 2010 but hadn’t seen them since.  My sister gave me a hug just like she gave everyone else a hug.  We all sat around and made casual conversation and laughed at stupid stuff like normal.  We ate at the same table and were perfectly fine.  When we left I gave her a hug just like I gave everyone else a hug.

Yesterday was the anniversary party.  I hugged my sister when I got there and things progressed exactly the same as at Christmas.  Normal, family time.  When the party was winding down we all hugged and left.

It was really like nothing had happened between us.  The only strange part was seeing my sister and brother-in-law with their 4 new kids.  They already had 3 and the oldest two knew me before.  The youngest has been around me off and on over the years so she knew who I was.  Watching the new kids being so comfortable with everyone in the family was interesting since I have never seen them with my family as their family.  It was actually quite lovely.

So that was it.  Absolutely nothing crazy to report, but that really doesn’t surprise me.  I honestly didn’t think there would be.  I couldn’t imagine anyone doing anything crazy or mean.  It would have been so out of character for them!


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