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So I was talking to Chicory Root this morning.  And by the way, she hates that name, but I don’t like to use real names on my blog so she gets to deal with it.  Our conversation was all over the place.  I walked away from it thinking about how many blog posts I could write concerning all that we talked about, but I decided I’d start with this.

Back in September, Chicory Root emailed me.  It was the first time I had heard from her in over a year and a half.  She felt like God was telling her to email me, and the message He wanted her to share was this…

The message this morning was that I had left a very negative imprint on you, and I needed to tell you of something greater. 

In this past year and a half,  I experienced the darkest time of my life.  It was meant to have me finally fall hard enough to, as Wayne Dyer would characterize it, “crack open”, to rise above ego and release my Spirit.  Since then, I have experienced joy, and satisfaction, and blessings beyond anything I could have ever  imagined.  But the message in meditation this morning was simple and singular; there’s something you always said, I believe it was actually a Scripture, to the effect that, people should feel better or enriched for having met you.  Tears welled up as I heard that in my heart, and I acknowledged that, in fact, I am a much richer person for having known you and I needed to to tell you.  You saw past the negativity of ego and connected with me on a soul plane and despite it all, you always smiled.  How could that not have been anything but a shining example of Spiritual good, and a tremendous blessing for me! 

Now I’m not putting any of that here to boost my own ego.  It is meant only as an explanation of what spurred the reconciliation.  I responded with my own apologies for abandoning the relationship/friendship when I did, and after many talks about our past relationship, we determined that we were much better friends than anything else.  And so today, we continue to be friends…family even.  The connection isn’t romantic nor has there even been the notion of that since we reconnected.  I am glad we were able to move from that place to this one.  I know that Chicory Root wants only the best for me, and I have no doubts about her trustworthiness and faithfulness to me as a friend.  In turn, she knows she can trust me for support and love as well.  We learned a lot about ourselves during the time we were estranged.  Lessons that were best learned apart from each other.  For that I am extremely grateful.  I am also very happy to have her in my life again.  God knows what he is doing, and His plans are always much greater than mine!

During one of our recent talks, Chicory Root and I talked about how our friendship would look when one or both of us started dating.  She dubbed herself the Friend-in-law and put in an order for my significant other to like motorcycles and Danica Patrick.  I told her I’d see what I could do.  😉


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