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My head is swimming with words
That I’m too stupid to write down
So I’m resorting to nonsense
In hopes I’ll come around.
I’m a blockhead, a ninny
A dimbo, a yutz
A doyburger, a numbskull
A puddinghead, a putz.
I’m a low watt bulb
And a nincompoop
My belt doesn’t go
Through all the loops
I’m a goob, a nemo
A rebreather, a feeb
Fred, Barney, and Wilma
A gink and a dweeb.
Just call me Elmer
Goopus and Dub
Nobody’s home
Popcorn and a flub.
There’s nothing upstairs
A few bricks shy of a load.
I’m a turkey and half-baked
Not all there and a toad.
I’m a chowderhead, a doorknob
A sub human, a birk
A vacant lot, a chicken head
A loogan, and a quirk.
Now please forgive me
for the crazy that’s here
I do feel better
so be of good cheer.
And maybe tomorrow
real words will be found
and I’ll take the time
to write them down!

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