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I raise my glass..

I mentioned in previous blog posts that I have loved getting to “meet” other bloggers over the internet. There are some really interesting people out there. People who I never would have met if we didn’t share this crazy thing called blogging. People who get my need to blog…who have that same need. People who understand how it feels to put something down on virtual paper for myself and for others to read. These friends come from all walks of life. Some are older than me. Some are around my age. Some quite a bit younger. Some married. Some single. Some Christians. Some Muslims. Some gay. Some live in America. Some from many other countries. We are all individuals. All different. But we all have one at least this one thing in common. We blog. We put our thoughts and feelings out there for others to read. We invite others to examine our lives and comment on what they see. Sometimes what we see in others makes us uncomfortable. Sometimes we squirm in our seats because of the ideas presented to us from other bloggers. But always we think. We feel. And we examine our own hearts and lives and hope to grow in some way through sharing our lives with each other.

So guys here’s to you! Thanks for taking time to get to know me. To read my ramblings. And to leave your mark as well.


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