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Surprises and plans

IMG_0061On Friday night, Candied Jansen and I had a date.  It was something she wrote on my calendar about a month ago.  All it said was DATE NIGHT.  When I asked her what we were doing, she told me it was a surprise.  All month long, I stared at those words and wondered what we were doing.  I am not a huge fan of surprises, but I was totally fine with her having this secret.  I loved that she had a plan!  After eating at Pappadeaux’s for dinner, we drove downtown to House of Blues.  I still had no idea what we were doing.  I didn’t look at the posters for all the acts that night.  I decided to let it be a full on surprise.  We entered a small lounge type room with a stage.  When we walked in the door I noticed a table set up with different merchandise for sale.  The feather boas and bejeweled pasties with tassels caught my eye!  I was totally intrigued!  We were seated in a section close to the stage and ordered a couple of drinks from the bar.  We talked and laughed as we waited for the show to start.  The room started to fill up and another couple, a man and a lady, was seated at our table with us.  Candied decided to get a refill on her drink and the lady got up to use the restroom.  This left me and a strange man sitting together at the table.  He decided to make polite conversation and asked me if I had ever seen one of these shows before.  I glanced back at Candied Jansen who was still at the bar getting her glass refilled and confessed to the man that I had no idea what I was there to see!  I told him to hurry up and tell me before Candied got back.  The poor guy looked baffled but whispered “Burlesque”.  About this time Candied noticed that we were talked and leapt over the tables to try to stop the conversation.  When she sat back down, she took one look at me and knew that I knew.  I told her that the nice gentleman at our table asked me a question, and I had to be nice so I asked about it.  I smiled sweetly at her and batted my eyelashes and she totally still loved me.  Whew!

A short time later the show started and OMG!  Burlesque is not what I thought it was.  I was expecting singing…maybe real or lip-syncing…and dancing in some skimpy, sexy clothes.  What I saw was dancing and stripping.  By the time these girls were done with their dances, they weren’t wearing anything but a thong and pasties.  Oh, there was one girl who sang an opera song in some language I didn’t know.  I had no idea what she was saying, but judging from the dance and a few cleverly used props, I would guess the song to have been about masturbation.

It was so much fun to go out and do something I had never done before.  Candied was worried that the show might offend me, because I do tend to be somewhat conservative in my beliefs, but I am a huge fan of dancing and LOVED the movies Burlesque, Chicago, and Moulin Rouge.  It was totally something I had always dreamed of seeing!  Thanks, Candied, for a beautiful, fun, and perfect evening!



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  1. Natalie, I can’t believe how much has been happening to you since I last checked in! It sounds like you have really and truly met your match. You two make a great couple and glad you are having the time of your life. I’ve never heard the name Candied before (except for Yams) so I have to ask, is that her real name or a nickname? I love unusual names and she must be super sweet. Lol. I’ll have to pop in more often because I like seeing you happy and fulfilled with so much exciting stuff happening. I’ve never been to Burlesque either but I would definitely give it a go. 😉

    • Candied is a nickname because she’s so sweet! Jansen is the last name of the main character in the movie, The Words, which she picked for us to watch on our second date.

      And yes…Burlesque!!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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