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Not my home sweet home!

I am no longer a home owner!!!  Finally!

I blogged on January 10th about my house still being on the market after 6 months.  It was so frustrating!  Then on January 12, I got an offer that was too good to pass up!  It was less than what I planned to sell the house for, but it was a cash offer and they wanted to close in 14 days.  WHAT??  We were expecting no less than a 45 day wait for closing! After crunching some numbers we decided that the profit was still fairly significant and closing in January meant that I wouldn’t have a February house payment to make.  Cue birds chirping and choirs singing!  Hallelujah!  We closed on January 26th, and I happily handed the keys over!

This weekend Candied Jansen spent time working on the budget and setting up a couple of retirement/investment accounts for me.  Every penny I made on the house has been or will be put into these accounts. She was giddy as she played with different mutual funds and Roth IRAs.  It was fun to watch!

She was also super sweet and told me that she would pay the February rent payment since she had originally budgeted it from her account and that I could take what would have been my house payment and celebrate.  I absolutely don’t need that much money for any kind of celebration but I did decide to take about half of it to do a few things.  This weekend I got the car washed, took the dog to the groomers, and shopped (unsuccessfully) for a pair of shoes.  I plan to get a couple of pairs of shoes and maybe a couple of pairs of pants, but that might be all the celebrating I do!  I know…lame…but I would rather save it and have it to spend on a fun trip over spring break or in the summer.

One of the things I love most about the house finally selling is that now we can look forward.  We had talked about moving back into that house if it was still for sale when summer rolled around, and while it would have been a huge money saver, I couldn’t stomach the thought of us moving backwards.  I enjoyed my house, but it wasn’t ever THE house for me.  There were so many things I would have changed about it if I had built it from the ground up.  I felt somewhat rushed into buying it when I did, and I love that it sold in the same rushed way.  Wham bam and it was gone!

I’m looking forward to all the best that 2016 has to offer!  So far, I’m not complaining!




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