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2016 and me

Over the last school year, I blogged about different areas of my life and how stressed I was about them.  My job was causing me lots of anxiety, I had a house on the market for longer than I planned, and due to those things making me crazy, Candied Jansen and I decided to postpone the wedding we had originally planned for November of 2015. When the new year rolled around with those stresses still in place, I claimed 2016 to be a good year and so far that is proving to be true! (Well, minus Candied Jansen’s son falling out of a tree, breaking his arm in three places, and getting an open skull fracture in April…and the therapy and recovery that is ongoing, of course!)

The house sold at the end of January, we got married in February, and I just worked the last day of my current teaching job.  My third child graduated from high school yesterday, and I now have a summer to take care of some things I’ve been putting off!  One of those things is losing some weight and getting some energy back!  I feel like I ate my feelings all year long so I’ve put on a few pounds.  I want to lose about 40 pounds but wouldn’t be mad if I lost 50!  I’ve got some work to do, but I am very motivated!  I’m starting at a new school in August and would love to look fresh for my fresh start.

Here we go!


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