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Goals met!  I met my walking and workout goals for April fairly easily which really surprised me.  I felt like my goals were pretty lofty considering I’ve never worked out 5-6 days a week of any month ever!  I ended up walking 3 plus miles 25 days and between 1 and 3 miles 4 of the other days which means there was only 1 day in the month of April that I didn’t walk at all.  I’ve been so motivated to do this which is pretty unusual actually. Candied Jansen has been a huge motivation for me.  She started in January and has done a great job at eating well, exercising, and making some other changes to her daily habits that inspired me to try to take care of myself better.  I only lost 3 pounds in the month of April, but I know that I was also building some muscle and any downward trend is good as far as I’m concerned!

For May, I’ve decided that my goal for 3 plus miles will stay the same…25 days during the month.  I also plan to do some of the 7 minute workouts.  I haven’t decided exactly how many I plan to do, but it will be at least one a day.  I’ve also added a 30 day yoga workout plan.  I’m using Yoga by Adrienne which I’m actually loving!  She has a calm voice and spirit, and started off slow which I needed!  I’ve never done yoga before so the slow movements, reminders to adjust my posture, and tips to make the harder poses a little easier at first are all appreciated!

I’m also going to work on learning about myself.  Candied Jansen and I were talking, and we both feel the need to work on knowing ourselves in hopes that as we understand ourselves better, it will give us insight into each other and our relationship.  We’ve had some suggestions as far as books and podcasts go, but we would love some other suggestions.

And for the last goal, I think I want to blog about what I’m learning here.  Kinda like an online journal.  I don’t have a goal for how many times I will blog, but I’m thinking it will be once a week.  I guess if I have some extra special insight, I’ll blog more.

Again, maybe not the greatest of blog posts, but for now I’m using this space as an online journal to hold myself accountable as I’m becoming me.



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