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I am third.

Over the last several years I have tried living out my faith in spite of my sexuality.  I struggled some with what that should look like, and at times I felt like I did nothing but sit there.  Ultimately, I figured that all I could really do was to continue to do what I knew.  Love, encourage, serve.  I haven’t always succeeded in those tasks, especially when I’m being treated poorly, but they are my ultimate goal.

One of my teenage sons told me of an award they gave out at camp this summer.  It was called the “I am Third” award.  It was given to the student who best lived by the idea that God was first, everyone else was second, and they were third.  That’s a good goal to have.

Today I was perusing the internet and somehow came across this.  I love where her focus is.  It reminds me where my focus should be.