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So this morning I was frustrated.  As for why, I submit to you the following text message I sent to the two kids who live in this house full time.

I went upstairs this morning to get Tator Tot (the dog) and was disgusted with the condition of the upstairs. Particularly your bathroom and bedrooms as well as the laundry room. I cleaned the cat litter, washed the towels on the laundry room floor that were peed on by cats, took out overflowing trash from your bathroom, and swept the laundry room floor. I also unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, took out the recycling that was falling all over the pantry floor, set and started the sprinklers, picked up cups from the living room, and played on my iPad. I could do that because despite working at least 50 hours this week I managed to keep my bedroom, bathroom, and closet picked up. I also don’t appreciate being expected to provide toilet paper, body wash, food, etc., and for those who expect it to have attitude (this happened over the last few days) because I overlooked the fact that we were out of said product when they have little regard for the cleanliness of anything else.  Why wipe or wash when nothing else is clean? As you can tell I am frustrated with two “grown-ups” living like they don’t have responsibilities. Liliana (the house cleaner) comes this week and your area will be cleaned. That means you will be picking it up today. Completely.

And the second text message…sent a few minutes later…

And I expect things to be stepped up as far as seeing something that needs to be done and doing it. That recycling could have been taken out a week ago. The kitchen cleanliness/dishwasher is ignored by everyone unless I ask them to load or unload or clean it. Do not put a dirty dish in the sink without first checking the dishwasher. You girls are smart girls but just in case you don’t know… You can tell if it is clean because there will be water standing on tops of cups on the top rack. On the off chance that it is full of dirty dishes and there is no room or it is running, wash what you used by hand. I’m tired of coming home to a sink full of dirty dishes and a dishwasher half full of dirty dishes.  Lazy is all it is.  If you see a laundry basket full of clean clothes fold them. I walked by three laundry baskets at the top of the stairs. They have all been there since last weekend. You guys walked by them numerous times this week as you were coming and going and did nothing about them. Be proactive please concerning all aspects of picking up and cleaning up.

I don’t go upstairs much except to do laundry and that is usually on weekends.  I will go up to talk to the kids or get a book off the shelf, but those things happen in the game room which is almost always clean.  I know that they don’t keep their rooms up to my standards, but there was no standard at all.  And the smell!!!  I don’t get it at all!  All I can say is it won’t get that bad again!