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A good listener.

I talked to a friend today. She seemed kind of down so I asked her what was wrong. A couple of weeks ago she told me that she was going to hell. I asked her why she thought that, and she admitted that she had recently had an affair. It was nothing more than sex to her. She said she has been disappointed in her husband. That he feels the need to get high before having sex. That his drug use has escalated. They are having some financial problems as well. All of these things caused her to seek some satisfaction in the arms of another. Today she talked about feeling like she was on the precipice of something important. A decision needed to be made. She was treading water and getting tired. Divorce was mentioned. She said she didn’t want to get divorced, but she wasn’t sure what she wanted. I had no idea what to say to her. All I could do was listen. Thankfully I am a good listener. Hopefully a listening ear was enough for today.


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