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I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for several weeks now. I already have a blog. Some of you may know it. But I feel somewhat stifled in what I can say there.  In who I can be.  In who I am.  So now I am here.  I will continue to write there, because it is expected of me.  And because, honestly, I love that place.  But now this will be my home away from home.  The place where I can say whatever I want.  The place my family and some of my friends won’t know about.  My vacation hideaway.  You are welcome to join me.  Because really…what’s a vacation without friends?


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  1. I like your home-away-from, and hope to stay and visit a while. I have popcorn and a rocking chair…just wanted to be comfortable while I’m here, listening to your stories.

    And you know how I love your stories.

    I do take issue with the title, however, as I am fairly certain that you do not yet qualify as a MidLifer, my Dear.

  2. Well, I totally have one of those places too, a place where NO ONE knows my name, where I can say what I please without getting an email or phone call, or the look from my guy when he knows I’ve said too much. I like my home away from home and I hope you do too. Enjoy – (where I’m a little more reserved is crbh-ruminations dot blogspot dot com…) here is for ME!

  3. Well! Even though this was your first post, it was the last one I read. But now, if it’s OK with you, I will be moving FORWARD with you.

    You’ve got one helluva story, girl.


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