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I’m sitting on my bed.  My normal spot for most internet surfing and blogging.  I can’t stay here for long though.  I need to change clothes and grab a box of tissues.  My dad is coming over to talk to me.  He will be here in an hour.  I have no idea what to expect from this conversation other than lots of tears on my part.  

I have always been a daddy’s girl.  My dad loves me and would do just about anything for me.  Tonight that might change.  I talked to my parent’s a week and a half ago.  I opened up and let it all spill out.  I confessed things that my dad had never even imagined could be true of me.  My mom wasn’t surprised really, but she still didn’t like what she heard.  My dad asked for time to process all that he heard and to sort out his feelings.  Tonight I will hear what he thinks.  I don’t know what to expect exactly.  I just know that he wants time to talk.  I know it won’t be easy.  And the reason I know that is because those are his exact words.  “This won’t be easy.”  

I’m serious about it all though.  Completely serious.  If I didn’t truly believe in what I am doing I wouldn’t have ever mentioned it to him in the first place.  I wouldn’t have hurt him that way.  

Tonight my role in my family…the role of daughter…might be changing forever.  I considered the consequences of my actions long before I ever took them.  I am ready to face whatever consequences may come.  

I am ready.


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  1. I truly hope your father can find it in himself to love and support you regardless of his own feelings about your revelation. Only you can know your own heart and only you can walk your own path. My thoughts are with you.



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