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I know people are wondering how the meeting with my dad went.  It was fine.  Almost as good as it could be.  He wasn’t supportive of my decision, but he did listen.  He didn’t speak out in anger or say hurtful things.  He said he was sure of two things.  1.  how much he and my mom both loved me and cared about me.  2.  what the bible says.  He said that as my dad he felt like he had a responsibility to come over and share his feelings with me.  Because he has always been such an amazing father he had more than earned that right.  I’m glad he came over.  I’m glad he said what he did.  There was no hate, anger or anything even close to that in his voice.  He was sad, but that is to be expected.  He told me before he left that he wasn’t trying to change my feelings.  He wasn’t trying to convince me that I am wrong.  He just needed to share.

I’m not sure where we will go from here.  I don’t know how our relationship will change.  There will be changes I’m sure.  And again…I am ready to accept whatever comes.


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  1. I’m glad you posted this – I was just wonderign last night and checked back to see if you’d said anything in your comments.

    So, you’re right – that was all you could have hoped for and better than you were braced for. My guess, having seen this in other families, that is if he is able to talk to you and assure you of his love, that he will gradually grow to be more accepting of who you are and your choices. I’m really happy it went the way it did.


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