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the headaches explained

Lately I’ve been looking at my stuff with new eyes.  I guess new isn’t the right word exactly.  Aged eyes.  Knowing eyes.  Trying to picture this house without some of the stuff in it.  Trying to visualize the holes left by my taking things.  The desk in the corner of the living room will be gone.  Will that spot look strangely empty?  The fruit bowl and bamboo plant on the island will be gone as well.  What will go there to take their places?  Will the mantle seem lopsided without that pile of stones from the Black Sea?  I’ve also been trying to picture a new place with what’s missing from the old one.  Where will I hang my prints from France?  The candle stand and the buffet and my books will all need a new spot.  Should I take the house plants or leave them?  As I move through the rooms of this house my eyes dart back and forth causing the headache I had earlier today to return.   Tylenol and then to bed.


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  1. we need to catch up.
    i miss you mucho.
    if you need to vent, you know how to find me 🙂

  2. Natalie..
    this is so weird, the other day I was wondering to myself what had happened to you, I was so used to seeing you post at Solo’s blog..and then you were gone. I even entertained the thought that you were Solo’s OAO…lol
    I was at Lesbo’s blog today and saw the name of your blog and was intrigued, so I followed it and low and behold, I do believe you’re the one I’ve been curious about 🙂 I love this blog of yours…and I’d like to be a source of encouragement for you as well… 🙂


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