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What an insane week I’ve had!  Over 40 hours of work, forcing my daughter to practice driving, as well as normal household chores have kept me away from the computer.  I’ve barely had time to check email!  I am so glad it’s the weekend.  Hopefully the stress pain in my right shoulder and neck will subside some now that I have time to rest.  And rest I plan to do.  I took some Tylenol pm tonight with plans to sleep in tomorrow.  I’ll believe that when I actually do it though.  I’ve gotten so used to getting up early that I can’t really sleep in.  Hopefully I’ll sleep later than 3:30am which is what time I had to get up this morning.  I’m aiming for 8am, but I’ll be happy if I hit 7am.  

I’ve had several moments this week when I wanted to blog, but there just wasn’t time.  I wish I could remember what was so important that I felt the need to write it down.  

Ok…my eyes are trying to close and I haven’t even really posted.  But I’m headed out.  Or at least to bed.


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