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Back again.

Oh my…so much has happened since my last post here.  I’m not sure where I should even start.  

I guess I can start with the move.  I moved out.  I signed a lease on a 2 bedroom apartment about a mile from the house and moved.  I’ve been in my new place for 2 weeks now.  I can’t believe it.  It is so quiet here.  The first night my youngest slept over she complained about the lack of noise.  She was used to hearing hamster wheels, the washing machine or dryer, a tv…all background noise to her falling asleep.  I didn’t even have a tv, had only worn a couple days of clothes so I had no need to do laundry, and own no pets.  I finally hooked my ipod up to the speakers and turned some music on for her.  That seemed to do the trick.  When my oldest son spent the night he complained of the same thing the next morning at breakfast.  I thought it was funny that the lack of noise bothered them.  

I have spent so much money in the last 2 weeks.  I haven’t made many big purchases…a bed and a TV (totally for the kids), but there have been so many little things that have added up.  Drinking glasses, a vacuum cleaner, several trash cans, towels, shower curtains, a can opener, and various other small items.  Every time I go to Walmart I walk away with a $150 worth of merchandise.  I also signed up for cable and internet.  I wasn’t able to get online from the apartment so I was checking my email at work.  That was ok, but I wasn’t crazy about it.  I could have lived without the TV and cable, but I knew the kids would do better with it.  I want them to want to come to my house.  I know that an empty apartment isn’t much of a draw.  They are all beyond the age of toys, and the room they are sharing currently has a blow up mattress and a twin rollaway bed in it.  Not much for 4 kids ages 10 and up.  Having the TV and a donated Playstation 2 will help tremendously!  

The other day the kids were all there while we waited on the cable guy.  For fun they dumped the halloween candy out of the bowl I had put it in and spent the next 30 minutes trying to “make baskets” by tossing it all back in.  They also chased each other around the loop that runs through the living room, hallway, bathroom, bedroom and dining area.  There were smack down wrestling matches and finally a mom instigated card game of war.  And I hate that game.  At that point I was willing to do anything to get them to sit still for a few minutes.  The cable guy came and left and I watched my heretofore mentioned rambunctious kids sit quietly and watch a show on TV.   

 I hope to be blogging more.  I miss it.  I anticipate things settling down some now.  We’ll see.


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  1. Funny how I’ve been doing the same thing, settling into a new apartment, so I can relate a little.

  2. The blowup mattress my kids still remember. And, I did get the cable for them. The next place I got was more like home for them, with many of their things. It will all even out. Goodwill is a great place to pick up odds n ends.


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