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I love fall. I love the colors associated with it. I love the cooler weather as well. And I love the food. Last year we moved back to the states the Monday before Thanksgiving. By the time jetlag wore off we were in full Christmas mode. I missed fall. This year I was pleasantly surprised by all the fall foods in the grocery store. The variety of squash alone was enough to make me giddy. In Turkey we had zucchini. They weren’t exactly like the ones here in the states. They were a lighter green, but the flavor was the same. I liked them and cooked them often, but I missed other varieties.

The other day I bought these three varieties of squash. From left to right…CARNIVAL squash, DELICATA squash, and GOLDEN NUGGET squash. Yum! I cooked them all in the same night for a mini taste test. The kids took one bite, which I didn’t even capture on camera, and turned their noses up. Well everyone but Erica. She and I both thought they were delicious! They all tasted very similar. Slightly sweet and buttery…or maybe that was the butter I put on them. Either way…yum!


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  1. Delicata squash is probably my fav ever! I love squash!

  2. Squash is a tough taste test! I can imagine the faces! Even I lean mostly toward zucchini and yellow squash. Hubby and son love the others as much or more. But pumpkin! I love pumpkin, especially in desserts. I cook with it year round.

  3. I haven't ventured with those, but I tried the butternut squash. I love it, and husband likes it, too. But this American fall stuff has been making me very pumpkinesque. I have mastered the art of pumpkin roll 🙂

  4. You'd get along well with Shirley as she LOVES all forms of squash & related stuff. I have a hard time with it, although I always get drafted to perform the prep cutting etc;)

  5. I'm not a fan of squash, but the wife LOVES the stuff. I can't wait to find out if Tyler takes after me or her in that department.


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