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These boots were made for walking. No, really.

Last week I was able to make a quick trip to the rodeo.  I had promised my kids we would go see Rascal Flatts.  Due to several unforeseen hold-ups between the hours of 4pm and 7pm we arrived late.  As soon as we got in the gates we ran to the stadium.  We missed the first event…calf roping and half of the second event…bareback riding.  We saw the rest of the rodeo events and most of the concert before we left.  There was no time for the carnival or the petting zoo or the ag-venture barn.  I was not happy.  I wanted more.  This weekend will be my final chance to see it all.  The question is will I go or not.  I still haven’t decided.  If I do go I know what shoes I’m wearing…

A month or so ago Fleur de lis and I stopped at a western store to look at boots.  I wanted boots.  I tried on several pair before narrowing it down to two choices.

This beauty.  A boot by Twisted X.  Fleur de lis swears by her Twisted X boots.  I loved them.  I paraded up and down the aisles and looked in the mirror numerous times.  My only issue is they came up higher on my calves than I preferred, and unfortunately I have thick calves.  I wasn’t sure how that would feel after hours of wearing them.  But they were so pretty.  And other than being a bit tight on my calves they were very comfortable.

Then there was this one by Ariat.  I liked it, but did I love it?  That was the question.  I put them on and they were comfortable.  I liked the color as well.  Not quite as pretty as the others, but at least they weren’t pink.  (Yes, they came in a pinkish color.) I walked and walked and walked and began to love them.  I tried on one of each boot and walked some more.  No doubt about it.  The Ariat was more comfortable.  It was also quite a bit cheaper.

I made my choice…comfort over beauty.  And let me tell you I LOVE my boots.  I wore them to school one day, and my feet felt fine the entire time.  I know that summer is coming and that the weather is getting warmer.  I know that flip flops will be the shoe of choice fairly soon around these parts.  Despite the warmer temps I think I’ll find excuses to wear jeans just so I can wear those pretty, comfortable boots!


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  1. Those boots rock! Ok, now I want another pair. I love ’em. Great choice. No hat?


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