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your turn to come out

Ok.  After the Houston episode I’ve been curious.  Anyone else who knows me in real life want to confess to knowing about this blog?

There was purpose in my starting this blog.  I need to write.  I like knowing that people are reading even if the comments are few.  It’s cathartic for me.  There’s a small handful of people who know who I am in real life who know about this blog.  And by know me I mean have met me or have regular phone contact with me.  I can count them on one hand.  The others are people I’ve met through blogging.  They might have read my other blog, but they wouldn’t say they know me.  They know about me some.  Some of them are my twitter friends.  They’ve been invited to read here.  Some have searched for something and found it here.  These random stranger friends are why I write.  Writing for them helps me.  For now I would prefer to keep this blog somewhat anonymous.  I don’t want real life friends to know about it.  If you already do then that’s ok.  Just don’t spread the word that this blog is here.  That’s all I ask.  Oh and I also ask you to let me know who you are.  Just because.  You can email me at or leave me a comment.

Heck…everyone is invited to leave me a comment.  Real life friend, stranger friend, twitter friend.  There’s plenty of love for everyone!


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  1. Did you know that I found you over here? Well, I did! A few weeks back I read all of these archives, but I’m not in your town, so I guessed that you knew it was me. Anyway, you wanted comments, so here you go!

    • HM, did you find Natalie through me? I like bringing people together!

      Natalie, I have about 3 off-blog friends as readers. I would love more, but no one is that interested.

  2. I’m coming out as a regular Midlife Natalie blog reader! I love reading your posts! Thanks for writing.

  3. Yeah, so I’m checking in now and again. Can I assume my comments won’t be subjected to the editing process of yore?

  4. I’ve been reading a bit too – and probably did read back into the archives when I first found you. No worries — I tend to do that when I stumble on a well-written blog. Totally get the needing to write, and the desire to be somewhat anonymous.

  5. I’m here and read often, and don’t comment enough. I’m really behind on my reader.


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