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I'm thinking bald is beautiful.

I have never liked getting my haircut. I don’t like the amount of time it seems to take. It’s not like I think I have better things to do with my time. I’m not one of those people who has to be on the go all the time either. But for some reason when I’m getting my hair done the time seems to drag on and on. Waiting for that golden moment when you’re given the mirror to check yourself out seems like it’s never going to come. When the cape is finally removed and I’m allowed out of the chair all I want to do is throw my money at the counter as I run by. I feel as though I have to escape before my stylist sees an errant hair that he missed and pulls out those scissors again. I don’t though. I actually stand there and pay like a good customer.

When I lived in Turkey I really hated getting my haircut. And yes, hate is an extreme word, but it is the proper one here. I never knew what to expect at the salons there. After a couple of really bad haircuts (due I’m sure to my extremely limited language skills when we first arrived AND earning me the nickname Larry because one was SOOOO short) I was quite skittish anytime I needed a trim. And believe me the only time I ever got my haircut there was when the split ends were taking over and I had no choice but to get a trim. There was no way I was going to let someone actually give me full out haircut. I saved those for my trips to America. One of the things that seemed so strange to me in Turkey was the fact that it took 2 people to style your hair. One person was the hairdryer holder while the other used the brush and aimed the hairdryer. And even though I was only getting trims it still seemed like it took forever.

A couple of weeks ago I had my hair colored and highlighted. It was spring break and the only available appointment my colorist had left was on a Saturday. Let me bear witness here that Saturdays are crazy busy at my salon. After looking over my hair my colorist decided that it was time for some highlights and low lights as well as the normal root touch up. Being completely dense about these things myself I let her make those sorts of decisions for me. So far she’s never steered me wrong. She mixed her colors and set about foiling my hair. By the time she was done with that portion her next client had arrived. She passed me off to a girl who basically runs around the coloring station helping everyone. She applied the base color to my roots and wherever else it needed to be touched up. I waited. When it was time to rinse it all out another helper girl took me to the washing sink and rinsed. She applied a 2 part leave-in conditioner that needed to be heated so I sat under the dryer for 20 minutes, rinsed, was conditioned again and sat under the dryer for an additional 15 minutes After everything was washed out I was taken to yet another person who dried and styled my hair for me. 4 hours and 4 people later I was done. Finally done. All I can say is thank goodness I hadn’t planned to get my haircut as well!

Note…my hair was beautiful. I wish I had thought to take a picture of it.

Note 2…I made another appointment while I was there for a Tuesday night weeks in advance. I NEVER do that, but I don’t think I can handle another Saturday appointment again.


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  1. That's exactly why my hair is short and not colored! I have to have it trimmed every 5 weeks, but it only takes half an hour and I don't have to have it blow-dried. I always make appointments before I leave, because it's so much easier than trying to get fit into a stylist's busy schedule at the last minute. I want it to fit into MY schedule. Your description of getting a haircut in Turkey were hilarious, btw. I have had some strange experiences trying to find a new salon when we moved, but have never had two people drying my hair at once.


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