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the first time.

My kids will be going to California with their dad in a week. There are a couple of reasons why it disturbs me a bit.  This is the first time I won’t be going on a major family trip.  They are driving across the country and staying with friends and in hotels.  Back in the day I was the one who made sure everything pulled out of their suitcases made it back in.  After spending a night somewhere everyone packed up their own bags and loaded the car.  Then I walked through the rooms of the houses we stayed in and looked in drawers at hotel rooms to collect pillows, underwear, socks, and toothbrushes left behind after they were done packing.  I can only imagine what all they will leave behind.  I can almost guarantee that the oldest will leave her phone charger cord at the first place they stay.  Considering she’s texting on her phone all the time that might not be a bad thing.  Once her phone dies she’ll have to focus on something else until she can convince her dad to buy her a new charger.

The other scary part of this trip is that they will be gone for 2 weeks.  That’s the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing them!  It will be so strange.  Once I went 2 weeks without seeing the oldest.  She was at camp, but everyone else was at home.  On several occasions I’ve gone 7 days without seeing them, but I was the one gone so it didn’t seem as long somehow.  This is going to be crazy.  I have a few things planned, but I’m pretty sure staying home for a furniture delivery and painting my daughter’s room don’t count as vacation.  There is a four day window of opportunity for fun during the time they’re gone as well.  We’ll see what I can do about that!

No matter how full or how fun I make my kid free two weeks I will still miss them.  Gulp. Sniff Sniff.


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  1. Girl, we should totally have a girls night out. I’m serious!


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