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The other day my kids and I had an interesting conversation.  They didn’t understand how someone could be married for so many years and then just decide that they are gay.  (Now keep in mind that I still haven’t told my kids that I’m gay.  I mean I’m pretty sure they have an idea, but this conversation wasn’t even about me.)  I explained that when I was in high school I didn’t know anyone who was gay.  If someone was they certainly wouldn’t ever say anything to anyone about it, because they would probably be bullied, beat up or even killed.  People were scared to admit it to others and even to themselves.  They did everything they could to not be gay so they could be accepted by their peers.  Many gay teenagers lived a heterosexual lifestyle.  They dated people of the opposite sex, got married and had kids hoping that if they acted straight they would become straight.  This was a shocking revelation to them.  They couldn’t believe it.  They started naming people that they knew at their schools were were either openly gay or bisexual.  They said that some of the kids might make fun of them a little, but mostly no one cared.  Relationships formed and dissolved just like normal heterosexual relationships and everyone at school knew.  Wow.  Things have definitely changed.


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  1. That is seriously refreshing!!!
    My son is still in middle school – his friends don’t seem to be very enlightened yet..
    All my HS friends turned 50 recently and so I’ve been seeing everyone. Updates on old friends include several that have come out and are in long term same-sex relationships. I am sorry they felt they had to wait till they were in their 30s and 40s!

  2. it’s about time!

    Seriously, the world needs to stop stigmatizing anything that is not considered “mainstream!”

    And I’m glad you’re kids are having these conversations…they’re important!

  3. That’s really true. One of my friends was closeted in HS and actually dated both me and my sister. It’s nice to see him in a relationship that suits him.


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