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no time for this and that

Guess what…school started.  That means way less time for blogging and blog reading and relaxing in general.  I do have a couple of posts in the works that I plan to finish this week.

The first week of school went surprisingly well.  This new crop of kindergartners is already so much easier than last year’s bunch.  One of the first grade teachers commented that she had an autistic kid and a discipline problem at each of her tables.  I know.  I’ve been there!

So now that week one is over and my busy weekend has drawn to a close as well I don’t have time to blog.  I did find time this week to lose my voice and get a slight cold.  It happened every year before so I guess this time around shouldn’t be any different.  Thankfully next weekend is a long one so maybe I’ll have time to get well then.


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  1. All those little colds running around. Must take time to get your immune system geared up as one of my daughters has been ‘special needs’ grades K-2 for over twenty years and has the same thing at the start of each year.
    Hope it passes soon:-/

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of a coffee break, our employers gave us a blogging break?

  3. As the mother of an “Autistic Kid”, I take offense at such an off-the-cuff comment by your co-worker and your agreement with him/her. I find it sad that these children are lumped together in the mindsets of most teachers as being akin to “behavior problems” and therefore just plain old problems. I wish teachers would keep in mind how difficult it is to let our special kids go to school and trust that their teachers have their best interests at heart and that their teachers think of them kindly and not just problems to be dealt with. Unfortunately, I have been to too many IEP meetings and reading posts like this only reinforces my belief. I found your blog thru Bossy’s and I won’t be back.

    • I sent Mary an apology, because I never meant to lump autistic kids and behavior problems together. I hope she accepts it.


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