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On Saturday night I decided it would be fun to order pizza for dinner.  I briefly considered cooking, but learned that all but one of my kids had other plans for the evening.  AG and I decided that pizza and a movie would be a fun way to spend time together so I hopped online and ordered a pizza.  Well, I ordered a couple of pizzas.  Ok fine, I ordered 4 pizzas and some breadstick bites.  For 2 people.

But really they were mini pizzas so it wasn’t so bad.  Never mind that neither of us could even begin to eat a whole one, and now we had 4 to consume.  I just couldn’t help it.  The last time I ordered from this place I tried the Hawaiian Pizza.  Ham, bacon and pineapple deliciousness.  I really wanted to try the BBQ chicken pizza, but I hated to miss out on the Hawaiian so I decided to order both.  Click, click.  Then I thought about AG and how she really doesn’t like BBQ.  I thought it was only fair that she have a 2nd choice pizza as well.  She wanted a Margarita pizza.  Click.  But then I saw the Alfredo Chicken and Spinach and knew she would probably like it more than the Hawaiian.  Click.  So I reasoned that she had 2 of her favorites, and I had 2 of mine.  And unfortunately 2 + 2 = 4.  As I was getting ready to process my online order I saw the words “garlic butter coated breadstick bites” and I couldn’t help myself.  Click.

And when the delivery guy came to the door and said, “Here are your 4 mini pizzas and breadstick bites”, I may or may not have called into the other room using the words, “GUYS, the pizzas are here.”   And AG may or may not have looked at me like I was a weirdo because she knew there were no “guys” to help eat the pizza.  But whatever.  We ate pizza.

(We’re still eating pizza.)


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  1. Variety is good! Those pizza look yummy. And I’m sure the left overs were just as tasty.


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