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Snot stew

Thanks to Bossy for featuring me on her site!  I know I’ve been a lazy blogger the last few weeks, but I plan to fix that.  While my blogging might have been lazy, the rest of my life has gone on full force.  And after a full weekend of Halloween festivities I’ve awakened with the sinus infection that I’ve been fighting for a few days.  I called in sick so I can go to the doctor and get meds, but since they don’t open for another 2 hours I think I’ll go back to bed and dream about gumbo.  For some reason that sounds delicious.


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  1. Hey Ms. Midlife! Congrats on being featured on Bossy’s site. A well deserved honor!

    Hope you are you are getting some rest and fighting off that infection. Feel better soon 🙂

  2. I’m here because of Bossy’s feature. Love your blog. I know there are great ones out there in the infinite vacuousness of the internets but it’s so much nicer a kindred spirit recommends one.


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