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I didn’t get into teaching so I could discipline other people’s children ALL FREAKING DAY!  Sometimes I actually want to teach.

Using self-rising flour and a tin can as a rolling pin when making dumplings will result in what can best be described as subway tiles floating in the broth/gravy.  I don’t recommend it.

While I realize school taxes aren’t ever enough to pay for all that our kids need I am tired of fundraisers for EVERY FREAKING ORGANIZATION/CLUB at the school.  I don’t need half the junk I buy, and if I did I would buy it so much cheaper at Walmart.

A size 8 foot will never fit into a size 6 shoe.  Portia DeRossi

NaBloPoMo is frustrating!

I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday.  I can’t wait for the weekend.



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  1. Yesterday, I got an email from a student. It said, “Prof. P, will you please CALL me after you send us an email, so I’m sure to check my email, so I don’t miss things that I need for class…”

    Um, WHAT?

    Teaching is rough. Happy weekend!


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