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right now…school sucks

So I failed at NaBloPoMo. I am being evaluated next week in school so any blog writing free time was spent obessing/worrying/planning for next week. And as I mentioned in my last post I spend the majority of my day disciplining kids so I feel like I’m not teaching enough. And it stresses me out. I’ve heard of all kinds of discipline techniques but the reality is that I’m not consistent enough. I want it to be ok for a kid to get out of his chair to trade pencils if his is broken. If someone needs a tissue or an eraser or has a legitimate question I don’t mind if they get up and take care of things. I don’t want every kid to then get out of his/her chair just for the hell of it which is what they do. I can’t give an inch or they take a mile. I like a relaxed atmosphere which is next to impossible in kindergarten in my school. The other teachers are rigid but good teachers. I don’t like being that way. My way isn’t working well.

More later on something other than school.


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    • I totally get on my computer to send you the address to the blog and find this comment. Girl, you cracked me up! I’m sure I wasn’t hard to find!

  1. got you from Solo Homo who was linked on Camlin. LOL @ Fleur de Lis. There must be a story there?


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