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Yesterday I bought a bunch of Coke, Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke, and Sprite.  I bought big bags of chips, containers of dip, and packages of cookies.  I got paper plates, napkins, cups, plasticware, and ice.  I ordered 5 large pizzas.  And there was cake and ice cream.  Yes, my son had a birthday party.  He elected to just have a bunch of guys over at the house to hang out.  They played tag in the dark, football in the dark, and video games in the dark.  I think there were only 7 of them, but add my 4 and kids were everywhere.  And it was loud.  And stinky.  I lit vanilla candles, and cinnamon candles, and apple cider candles.  There was a bottle of Stetson cologne on the kitchen counter that may or may not have been sprayed on one or two random kids as they happened by.  And at midnight I took the 3 of mine who weren’t involved in the party and came back to my apartment.  The air was fresh and quiet.  We took deep cleansing breaths as we tiptoed around and got ready for bed.  We whispered our goodnights and fell asleep.  Ahhh…


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  1. Sounds like he had a blast! With kids is always does seem like there are more of them than there actually are.

    I just watched a documentary called “For the Bible Tells Me So.” I got it on Netflix. It follows 5 Christian families with a gay or lesbian child and their evolution to understanding and support. It also looks at what the Bible actually says and the context of the Leviticus chapter everyone always sites. And it also has several ministers talking about love and acceptance. It made me cry and I found myself wishing your family could see it.

    Their website:

  2. It’s a weird weird sweet dirty smell…I have a boy teen also…yukky
    I too have blogged about this.
    even fresh outta the shower he smells weird…



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